Android 11’s new media player cards can show multiple music/podcast apps at once

We’ve just had our hands on the Android 11 Beta for a couple of hours, yet I would already be able to state that my undisputed top choice component is “media resumption.” The patch up of how Android 11 handles media players and music controls is loaded with welcome changes, however maybe its best element is the capacity to show controls for numerous music applications simultaneously.

Media resumption is, for the time being, holed up behind a designer switch in Android 11. When empowered, it moves media controls from a warning to another “gadget” in the fast settings menu. There, it empowers the capacity to switch yields effectively and even gives the lockscreen controls a facelift as well. In general, it’s an excellent change.

On the off chance that you utilize numerous media applications, however, Android 11’s media resumption include is considerably more helpful than you’d initially might suspect. Rather than exchanging out the card demonstrating media when another meeting is begun from an alternate application, the card is added to a merry go round. For instance, in the GIF underneath I have Google Podcasts and Spotify as discrete cards since I began a Podcasts meeting while at the same time tuning in to Spotify. Prior, I additionally had a YouTube video in this merry go round. That card, outstandingly, can be expelled with a long-press.

In view of this, this media player space just shows signs of improvement since it consolidates expected mess in Android 11’s warning shade. Rather than having 2-3 warnings for various applications, they’re completely assembled into a solitary area.

android 11 media player space looking over cards

The people at XDA saw that, in a designer meeting distributed by Google, the organization disclosed that up to five applications can be in this merry go round without a moment’s delay. Even better, these applications can persevere a reboot if engineers make a few changes to the application.

In that meeting and found in the screen captures beneath, it appears Google despite everything has a few intends to change the interface of the media resumption include. We’ll prop an eye on that up live in later beta discharges throughout the following couple of months.

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