Austin blames labs use of fax machines for long wait times for coronavirus test results

Austin Public wellbeing authorities state that an ongoing drop in coronavirus cases after the city encountered a spike this month could be ascribed to outdated hardware labs are utilizing to report information.

“I am staggered to hear that the manner in which we are getting the consequences of the tests on diseases is by fax. That resembles a third world innovation. Most youngsters don’t have a clue what a fax machine is any longer,” Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea disclosed to CBS Austin. “This extraordinarily inefficient, idiotic procedure of putting it on fax paper and faxing it to someone with the goal that they at that point need to physically enter it on a PC.”

Imprint Escott, Interim Health Authority for Austin Public Health, revealed to CBS Austin that the office invests energy physically entering a huge number of results in their database every day.

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“It’s normal for us to have seven days to 10 days between when an individual is tried and when their case is entered in the framework so they can be called,” Escott said.

State law expects labs to report information computerized, however not all agree. Travis County authorities are investigating requirement measures, and Shea has mentioned Escott give them the names of the labs despite everything utilizing fax machines.

This week Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) requested that occupants remain at home as the state wrestles with a flood in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. The representative likewise demonstrated he has no designs to reimpose limitations on organizations.

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