It’s Keke Palmer’s birthday, and the actress just got one helluva gift: she’s now a co-host on Good Morning America‘s Third Hour alongside Michael Strahan And Sara Haines!!! Michael and Sara surprised Keke on today’s show, where they had her push a golden button to reveal the major news. And notContinue Reading


During the episode, main character Spencer Strasmore, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, ends up purchasing the Chiefs franchise from the Hunt family. The television show has previously featured other NFL teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams. The fictional storylines are based on real-timeContinue Reading


There’s a grand jury indictment against Harvey Weinstein, pushing his trial back to 2020 but allowing one of his alleged victims to testify against him. Why it matters: The new indictment gets around statute of limitations issues pertaining to Annabella Sciorra’s testimony, the New York Times reports. The indictment will “let Ms.Continue Reading

Angela Merkel Visits Global

The competition between semiconductor giants is getting ugly, and it could have an unfortunate impact on many of the devices you buy. GlobalFoundries has sued the Taiwanese firm TSMC for allegedly violating 16 patents tied to its chip production business, including ones for semiconductor interconnects and the common FinFET design used inContinue Reading


A Massachusetts woman reportedly died from the rare but serious mosquito-borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus, her family says. Family members of Laurie Sylvia, 59, of Bristol County, say she died of the virus over the weekend. The woman’s case reportedly marks the fourth in the state this year, according to NBC 10Continue Reading