The United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Medium rocket took off for its 29th and final flight from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Thursday. The rocket carried the US Air Force’s second GPS III satellite, built by Lockheed Martin. “Another spectacular launch for United Launch Alliance this morning!” the Kennedy Space CenterContinue Reading


On Friday, the bond market once again flashed what has historically been a reliable sign of an impending U.S. recession — an inverted U.S. Treasury bond yield curve — after trade tensions with China heated up, triggering a 2.6% sell-off in the broader stock market. This indicator has occurred several times sinceContinue Reading

note 10

Samsung recently released its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+, which will be two of Apple’s main competitors for the upcoming 2019 iPhones. The new Galaxy Note smartphones have impressive edge-to-edge displays with pinhole camera cutouts, S Pen support, and a long list of additionalContinue Reading