Best Buy is leaving smart home users in the cold, but its Wi-Fi freezer will still mostly work

Best Buy has quietly announced that the mobile app platform for controlling its Insignia brand of smart home devices will be shutting down on November 6th. The company says affected products will still function at a basic level, but any features that rely on its Insignia Connect app and platform will no longer work. The products include its Insignia smart wall plugs, Wi-Fi light switches, its smart camera, and its Wi-Fi freezer (yes, a Wi-Fi freezer). Best Buy is now running a reimbursement program for any unfortunate soul who decided to buy one of these products.

Perhaps most importantly, Best Buy confirms on its Connect FAQ page that its smart freezer “will retain all normal freezer functions.” There are also variants of the Insignia smart wall plug and light switch that are Apple HomeKit compatible, meaning those specific products will retain some mobile features even after the Connect shutdown next month.

Even if you’re on Android, the plug and switch won’t be entirely useless:

The Insignia Connect app functionality will not work, but any of the scheduled timers that were set up previously, will continue to function. Additionally, the button on the plug will continue to function manually as an on/off switch if needed.

Hope your timers are set right.

Best Buy is also advising any customers who use its Insignia Wi-Fi camera to download stored video clips before November 4th, two days prior to the overall Connect shutdown, or else those clips will be lost forever.

Best Buy says it’s offering reimbursement for purchasing an affected product, with e-gift cards that won’t expire, but it won’t reimburse any installation fees if, say, you paid the Geek Squad to stick some smart light switches in your walls. The company says customers can redeem up to 10 serial numbers for reimbursement through its website.

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