B&G Foods to Review Cream of Wheat Brand’s Black Chef Image

The B&G Foods organization said Wednesday it will survey its Cream of Wheat brand bundling, which includes a dark culinary specialist, to guarantee the brand didn’t add to “fundamental prejudice.”

B&G Foods, Inc. (NYSE:BGS) today declared that we are starting a prompt audit of the Cream of Wheat brand bundling. We comprehend there are concerns with respect to the Chef picture, and we are focused on assessing our bundling and will proactively find a way to guarantee that we and our brands don’t incidentally add to fundamental prejudice. B&G Foods unequivocally remains against preference and unfairness of any sort.

The news came after the Conagra Brands food organization said Wednesday that its Mrs. Butterworth’s flapjack syrup bundling would likewise experience an audit, as indicated by Breitbart News.

“We comprehend that our activities help assume a significant job in dispensing with racial inclination and subsequently, we have started a total brand and bundling audit on Mrs. Butterworth’s,” Communications Manager Dan Skinner clarified.

The organization expressed:

We remain in solidarity with our Black and Brown people group and we can see that our bundling might be deciphered in a manner that is completely conflicting with our qualities. It’s tragic and unsatisfactory that prejudice and racial shameful acts exist far and wide. We will be a piece of the arrangement. We should cooperate to advance toward change.

In the hours after Quaker Oats chose to rename the Aunt Jemima logo on its maple syrup and breakfast nourishments, Uncle Ben’s Rice said it would likewise change its image to “end racial inclinations and shameful acts,” as per Breitbart News.

“As we tune in to the voices of purchasers, particularly operating at a profit network, and to the voices of our Associates around the world, we perceive that currently is the ideal opportunity to advance the Uncle Ben’s image, including its visual image character, which we will do,” the Mars-claimed brand said in an announcement.

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