Call of Duty’s next update adds 200-player Warzone mode, new Modern Warfare map

Honorable obligation: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s fourth period of substance is getting somewhat of a lift on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC tomorrow in the UK, because of the appearance of another update that Activision’s calling Season Four: Reloaded.

The enormous expansion here is another constrained time 200-player mode for Warzone, which will make it workable for 50 groups of four to duke it out across Verdansk in Battle Royale Quads.

Combat area will likewise get new in-coordinate agreements known as Supply Run Contracts – which give players a Buy Station rebate on the off chance that they can discover their way to a close by Buy Station inside as far as possible – and there’s another Spotter Scope for those that like to scout ahead before arranging their best course of action. “This re-usable extension permits you to filter the earth around you and imprint foes without being identified,” clarifies Activision.


In conclusion for Warzone is Juggernaut Royale mode, which separates itself from Warzone’s other sole survivor modes by method of the Juggernaut Suit airdropped onto the ground during play. Those figuring out how to discover it can convey its smaller than normal firearm against adversaries and vehicles, yet in the event that they’re sent to the Gulag, another suit will drop for outstanding players to quarrel about once more.

At that point, over in Modern Warfare, there’s another multiplayer map known as Cheshire Park, which releases players in urban London. “Take to the apartments for long sightlines, the stores to catch destinations through serious CQB fights, or take to the side boulevards to take a few easy routes,” says Activision, “On the off chance that you dare, attempt to challenge the individuals who may open for business in second story windows, telephone corners, front yards, or platform.”

That is joined by the arrival of Team Defender mode, which sees contenders endeavoring to acquire focuses by catching – and clutching – a solitary banner. Focuses gather for consistently the banner is caught, and each time its bearer is brought down.

What’s more, in conclusion on the key increments list, the Rytec AMR expert sharpshooter rifle – “one of the deadliest self-loader hostile to material rifles an Operator can get their hands on” says Activision – makes its presentation over the whole Season Four experience.

Extra subtleties on Call of Duty Season Four’s most recent update can be found on Activision’s blog. It’ll be accessible to download from 11pm PDT today around evening time, 29th June, which is 7am on 30th June in the UK. Present day Warfare proprietors can expect a download size of 22-36 GB, while allowed to-play Warzone players ought to get ready for a download of 22GB-30GB.

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