Sony PlayStation 5

Caviar Covers the Sony PlayStation 5 in Gold and Crocodile Leather

The lawful entanglements between CustomizeMyPlates, earlier known as Plate Station, and Sony have not hindered Caviar from doing what they excel at — making ludicrously costly/aesthetic takes on new purchaser hardware.

This time around, Caviar is taking the Sony PlayStation 5 and adding 20 kilograms of gold to its outside. Produced using eight individual projecting sheets, the gold is shaped in a finished, mathematical example to impersonate the frameworks of a stone, thus the name “Brilliant Rock.”

The group has even ventured to cover the PS5’s regulator in crocodile cowhide while adding gold supplements. While we don’t know on estimating or the immaculateness of the gold utilized in the “Brilliant Rock” PS5, we do realize that if the gold was 24K, it would be worth over 1,000,000 USD. Those keen on possessing this one-of-one PlayStation 5 can make a beeline for Caviar for more data.

In other gaming news, GmanModz has made the world’s littlest compact Nintendo 64.

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