Patrick Byrne

Former Overstock CEO Alleges Peter Strzok Gave Orders During Russia Investigation

Former CEO Patrick Byrne recently revealed the reasons behind his resignation, and opened up about his alleged involvement in a ‘deep state’ operation. Byrne said he began a relationship with a woman who turned out to be a Russian spy — Maria Butina — in 2015, which Byrne claimed led FBI officials to reach out and push him to form a romantic relationship with Butina.

Once Byrne learned about the alleged scheme, he said he refused to pursue romantic encounters with Butina. He also said he felt he was involved in – what he called – a politicized operation in which he was being given orders by the FBI. Orders that, according to Byrne, turned out to be political espionage under the directive of Peter Strzok and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“Last summer watching television, watching Congress rip apart some people, I put some details together and figured out who had sent me the request — the man’s name was Peter Strzok,” said Byrne.

The executive claimed he was offered up to one billion dollars to keep quiet, but refused the offer. Byrne also alleged President Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio were all targets of the spying, and named former FBI Director James Comey as one of the prime suspects.

“Not only knew, but I was specifically told this request is coming from Jim Comey at the request of somebody, who I’m not going to name,” he stated.

The CEO also alleged he is not the only whistleblower that will come forward with allegations of ‘deep state’ spying, adding, names that he refused to publicize will likely be revealed during a potential indictment from William Barr.

Byrne resigned from Thursday amid revelations of his involvement in these investigations, which caused their stock value to plummet more than 30-percent only to recover shortly after his resignation. Butina is currently in prison serving 18-months for charges unrelated to Russian interference.

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