GM CEO Says Pandemic Helped Cut Costs; Decontenting Incoming

On Tuesday, General Motors CEO Mary Barra suggested her company would exit the other side of the coronavirus pandemic running much leaner than when it went in. While this will probably be the case for other automakers, as many (including General Motors) went into 2020 with restructuring efforts planned or already underway, GM is letting everyone know it’s doing cuts extra right.

This likely has to do with the automaker not wanting to look as though it’s in for a repeat of 2008, now that the global economy’s once again careening toward troubled times — but we’re just guessing. It also seems as though the extreme lack of industrial progress created by months of factory shutdowns has forced executives to fill the void with a lot of hot air. Fortunately, Barra’s message wasn’t totally devoid of useful information. 

“We were quickly able to take out significant costs and we are being very conservative about what costs we turn back on,” the CEO told investors during an event hosted by global wealth manager Credit Suisse. “I believe we will come out of this with a lower cost structure that is permanent.”

According to Reuters, Barra said those cost reductions may include changes to a few different vehicle platforms offered by General Motors. Plenty of manufacturers are looking at streamlining production, and Barra suggested GM might also benefit from reducing the complexity of some platforms. While decontenting cars is hardly new, it’s a reliable fallback for the industry when the going gets tough and manufacturers need to reduce overhead.

From Reuters:

She said that the pandemic had given GM the opportunity to go through all of its line item expenses and eliminate redundant processes.

“We’ve found things that we don’t need to do and things we can do more efficiently,” Barra said.

The U.S. automotive industry has been ramping up after the coronavirus shutdown, and major automakers have been keeping a close eye on suppliers in Mexico to see the pandemic disrupts the flow of parts.

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