In first, brain waves detected in lab grown mini-brains

In this photo recieved by AFP on August 29, 2019 from Muotri Lab at UC San Diego, an image shows pea-size brain organoids at 10 months old. – Scientists have picked up electrical activity in pea-sized lab grown brains for the first time, paving the way to model neurological conditions and answer fundamental questions on how our gray matter develops. It’s not clear whether the mini-brains are conscious — the team behind the breakthrough suspect they’re not but can’t say for sure — opening up a new ethical dimension to the area of research moving forward. (Photo by HO / Muotri Lab / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT “AFP PHOTO / Muotri Lab/ UCTV” – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS