iOS update arrives

iOS update arrives to fix ‘green tint’ iPhone 11 issue

iOS 13.6 went out to Apple’s cell phones a month ago with Apple News redesigns and an advanced vehicle key component, and now another iOS 13.6.1 update is accessible. It tends to issues with extra room and the new Exposure Notification system, however it will likewise be valued by iPhone 11 proprietors who grumbled of an unusual green color that showed up on their gadgets.

Discussion and Reddit posts demonstrated it would show up soon after the gadget was opened, here and there while utilizing Night Shift or in a dim room. As indicated by the update notes, Apple tended to a “warm administration issue” that could make the green color show up. MacRumors had detailed the issue sprung up after 13.4, and now it’s getting a fix before Apple turns out iOS 14 to everybody’s telephones and tablets.

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