Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos are engaged, reports say

Superbad news if you wanted to end up with Jonah Hill – he is off the market, according to multiple reports.

Per outlets including People magazineThe Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Tonight, the 35-year-old actor is engaged to Gianna Santos.

According to People, the pair were first seen together last August. E! News reports the two have been dating for a year.

USA TODAY has reached out to Hill’s rep for comment. 

Hill previously spoke of the uneasiness that can come from relationships in an interview for Complex with musician Q-Tip last year.

“With a relationship, there’s no control, because there’s a person that’s not you,” Hill said. “For me – why work is easier than that stuff – is because I know if I work hard enough, and sit in the (expletive) editing room, or write my (expletive) off for hours and hours, I’m in control of it working. I think relationships are scary in that way.”

“I think the control element, sometimes, makes me scared when it’s relationships with friends, or a girlfriend, or something,” he added.

Congratulations to Hill on finding the right one.

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