Man City player ratings vs Burnley: Phil Foden excellent and David Silva good

Ederson: Didn’t have particularly to do, however did everything as coolly as we have generally expected. Was out of his container minutes into the game and a week ago’s terrible conflict with Garcia hasn’t thumped his certainty. 7

Cancelo: An exhibition that was fine enough for the night without squeezing Walker for the spot. A couple of slack minutes, and undercuts Otamendi to almost let Vydra in where he earned a yellow card as he presented the down to stop the move. 7

Otamendi: Guardiola anticipated City would require a physical nearness against Burnley and, while wounds implied it wasn’t exactly the test that was normal, Otamendi was as yet alert on his first trip since the restart. 7

Fernandinho: Played the Laporte job very well as he stepped in for the Frenchman, with his awesome ball to Mahrez making the subsequent objective. Taken off following 60 minutes, maybe with the greater tests at Chelsea and Newcastle this week at the top of the priority list. 8Rodri: Some significant block attempts and the calm mind and scope of passing that Rodri has appeared since he shown up at the Etihad. A contained presentation that gave the impression there is much all the more hurrying to come. 8

Silva: Looks invigorated after this break and was one of two outfielders to keep his place from Arsenal. Appreciated the ball stumbling into his body in the last third and had the option to string goes between Burnley protectors. Took his objective well, in spite of the fact that seemed to tire past the hour mark. 8

Foden: An amazing method to expand on what was a sharp appearance and an objective against Arsenal. Foden’s strike for the initial objective shows the self-control and certainty he had in this group, and the method was impeccable as well. His second was very much taken and topped another practiced exhibition. 9

Mahrez: When he can join his magnificent touch with that eager eye for objective he is relentless thus Taylor discovered for that subsequent objective. Likewise reassuring was seeing Mahrez getting the ball for the punishment before any other individual could attempt to step up. 9

Bernardo: A presentation that was incidentally as chaotic as his lockdown hair however his enthusiastic running caused Burnley issues, discovering space in the zone of the pitch where De Bruyne ordinarily flourishes. 7

Aguero: A disappointing beginning as he battled to discover space and openings regardless of where he meandered on the pitch. His last touch earned City a punishment, and Guardiola will trust that his physical issue isn’t not kidding with the bustling schedule ahead. 6

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