Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20 supercar revealed with stunning looks and 621 horsepower

There’s a scarce difference between a brand with solid legacy and one that is perhaps getting only somewhat stodgy. Of late, Maserati has been slipping perilously near that last class, however today, with this vehicle, that could all change. Making its presentation Wednesday, the 2021 Maserati MC20 is the Italian automaker’s first new supercar in quite a while, an extremely significant shot of innovation for an organization in urgent need of something new and new.


The MC20 is a totally different thing from 2004’s Ferrari Enzo-based MC12. Considerably more bashful, for one. Planned and designed in-house, it has a downplayed, present day supercar look that we’re very attached to. The MC20 is ostensibly somewhat plain, particularly contrasted and the MC12, but at the same time there’s something enigmatically cutting edge about it, with truly just that vast nose giving a connect to different Maseratis out and about – well, that and the brassy pike cut into the back decklid (which isn’t our most loved styling signal, in case we’re being straightforward). The MC20 is likewise altogether different than the as of late withdrew GranTurismo Coupe, which was bigger and to a greater extent an amazing traveler.

The MC20 is a marriage of masterful plan and streamlined sensibilities, and Maserati insightfully shading coded those various components. The pieces of the vehicle that are white? That is the place the architects settled on an official choice. The more obscure parts along the base? All determined by proficiency and execution. That white, coincidentally, is called Bianco Audace, or “white intensity,” which Maserati says was intended to “summon the sparkle of quarried marble, struck by the light of a Mediterranean dusk.”

The body of the vehicle is basic and clean, with neither a monster wing hanging off the back nor a splitter jutting from the front. Vents and admissions are kept to a base, with the most forceful visual part, the back diffuser, shrouded in crude carbon fiber.

Every one of that wraps a custom carbon monocoque tub created with race-vehicle body master Dallara. Strikingly, the undercarriage was intended to help three renditions. The first is the roadster you see here, while a retractable hardtop Spider flavor is coming straightaway. The third form will be electric, preparing for batteries in a similar essential format, with just the design of the carbon fibers evolving. No ETA on that, however.


The underlying roadster will get a 90-degree, twin-turbo, 3.0-liter V6 making 621 strength. Maserati says this motor, called Nettuno, is completely new, and we can’t resist the urge to think the specialists were focusing on that force figure. That is the very same force yield as the MC12, however it required double the chambers and dislodging to accomplish it. While constrained acceptance is the significant driver of that expansion in relative yield, the organization likewise credits what it calls Maserati Twin Combustion. It’s such a precombustion chamber that helps for more effective burning inside the motor.

Force gets to the back wheels through an eight-speed, double grasp transmission and a precisely bolting back differential. The heaviness of the whole bundle is 3,306 pounds, which Maserati says gives it a top tier capacity to-weight proportion. What class right? Indeed, with a beginning cost of $210,000, we’re talking things like the epic McLaren 570GT. Solid rivalry, no doubt.

The suspension is a double wishbone arrangement front and back, with a semivirtual guiding format intended to decrease scour point and increment controlling feel and reaction. The brakes are Brembo carbon fired units with six cylinders at the front and four at the back.


The inside of the MC20, got to through entryways that open the correct way, strikes a mix between race-centered moderation and the requirements of everyday motoring. This is best observed on the guiding wheel, which the showcasing discharge says highlights “just basic” fastens and controls. Some way or another, dispatch control and voyage control make the cut. The mode dial, in any case, is consigned to the middle comfort.

Double, 10-inch shows fill in as the check group and infotainment framework, controlled by Android Automotive, as on the new Polestar 2. This product will give simple admittance to all your savvy home needs while likewise giving a perfect, straightforward UI, here rebranded as Maserati Touch Control Plus MIA. MIA, coincidentally, is Maserati’s Intelligent Assistant. Indeed, another shrewd collaborator for your advanced world.


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Maserati guarantees practically 5.3 cubic feet of capacity in both a trunk and a frunk. That is little, yet a major advance up from the MC12, which didn’t have a trunk. It’s likewise one more sign that the MC20 is a totally different vehicle, something expected for every day use, something that will be as acceptable to drive out and about for what it’s worth on the track.

Also, the track is a key part here, with the MC20 discharge promising the vehicle will “take Maserati back to the universe of hustling.” That is phenomenal news without a doubt, however it appears we’ll need to hang tight somewhat longer for the subtleties of where and when. We’re also in obscurity about how much this magnificence will cost or when fortunate devotees of the spear may have the option to bring one home. We absolutely trust we’ll see a couple of a greater amount of these than we did the MC12. Maserati just at any point manufactured 50 of those for the street.

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