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New Hope for White-Collar Job Seekers? It Depends on the Job

Shawn Banerji’s administrations don’t come modest. A top talent scout, he ordinarily has a few ventures in progress on the double, every one of which can cost the organizations that recruit him a six-figure retainer.

In April and May, when the coronavirus pandemic shut the economy, he had only one official spot to fill. Presently he has five new assignments, as corporate recruiting has bounced back in June.

“I’m feeling bullish,” said Mr. Banerji, who works from Stamford, Conn., and Manhattan and spots administrators in tech-situated jobs at significant organizations. “I don’t believe we’re going in reverse.”

The turnaround at Mr. Banerji’s firm, Caldwell, echoes a more extensive stiring in employing for proficient situations, as indicated by interviews with talent scouts, selection representatives and officials at staffing firms. Human asset divisions are starting to think about filling open occupations, and enlistment is getting for significant level corporate posts.



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