Prince Harry Hated Sunday Nights Until Meghan Markle Came Along

Almost everything about Prince Harry’s life was so different before he met his wife, Meghan Markle. Their whirlwind romance has been the source of endless speculation ever since it began, with some calling their quick courtship dangerous and others saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have the perfect love story. But no matter which side you fall on, there’s no denying that Harry’s world was rocked by one very stunning American actress.

Prince Harry has settled into his new role as husband and father beautifully. But before Meghan Markle, he was more of a party boy bachelor, hopelessly adrift and cycling through blonde girlfriends while seeming a little bit sad. We all knew he missed his mother, loved his brother, and wished he could find the right girl and settle down.

And according to one royal expert, one night of the week was especially hard for Prince Harry

One clue that there really is a royal feud between brothers is how close Prince Harry used to be with Prince William, even after the Duke of Cambridge married Kate Middleton. Sadly, the bond between brothers was forged in the wake of their mothers’ death. No one else on Earth understood what it was like to lose Princess Diana the way William and Harry did.

Even after Prince William wed Kate Middleton and the two embarked on life as newlyweds, Prince Harry was close by in a physical and emotional sense. He lived on Kensington Palace grounds and would pop over for dinner or hanging out with his brother and Kate Middleton. This is how the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry developed a great friendship.

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