PS5 Will Ensure There’s Virtually No Loading Screens in Horizon Forbidden West

There’ll be “basically no stacking screens” in Horizon Forbidden West, because of the speed of the PlayStation 5’s uber-quick SSD hard drive. As a major aspect of another video, game executive Mathijs de Jonge affirmed the goody, suggesting that the delays will be for all intents and purposes non-existent when you quick travel or restart a checkpoint.

“With the PS5’s SSD, there will be basically no stacking screens,” he transmitted. “In this way, in an open world game like Horizon Forbidden West, on the off chance that you open up the guide and quick travel from one end to the next [or] restart from a checkpoint, it’ll be super-quick. Furthermore, when you boot up the game, you’re in that spot, in the activity.”

Somewhere else in the video, de Jonge affirmed that the title is focusing on a 2021 discharge date, and will include a bigger, denser guide than its ancestor, Horizon Zero Dawn. We’re truly anticipating seeing exactly how quick the title loads, since we’ve become tired of stacking times on the PlayStation 4.

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