San Francisco mountain lion may have killed zoo animals

A mountain lion that was caught meandering the boulevards of San Francisco this week may have executed three creatures at the city zoo, specialists said.

Two wallaroos and a red kangaroo were discovered dead in their open air display at the San Francisco Zoo and apparently a neighborhood wild flesh eater was mindful, the zoo said in an announcement, including that it was researching whether the cougar was dependable.

A 50-pound male cougar, accepted to be under 2 years of age, was spotted wandering midtown more than a few days in the current week. He was seen dozing in a grower box and taking a gander at his appearance in the glass of an office tower before being caught Thursday, authorities said.

The creature seemed bewildered and may have gotten lost in the wake of going from slopes south of the city, specialists said. He was looked at the Oakland Zoo and discharged Thursday into a wild save.

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