703 new coronavirus cases

State sees drop in test results, confirms additional 703 new coronavirus cases

The quantity of coronavirus test results discharged Monday is the most reduced sum since precisely multi week prior.

On Monday, the state discharged 6,992 test outcomes. Out of those, 703 were certain for the coronavirus, which is 10.1% of all test outcomes. Another 6,289 tests were negative for the infection.

On July 13, which was last Monday, the state discharged an aggregate of 6,621 test outcomes.

The level of positive tests is a slight drop from Sunday’s 10.3%, anyway it is as yet an upward pattern. A week ago, the level of positive tests was 5.9% on Wednesday, and moved through Sunday.

49 out of Wisconsin’s 72 provinces announced an expansion in cases on Monday, while in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, seven out of the locale’s 15 areas saw an expansion in cases.

Since early February, 43,018 individuals in Wisconsin have tried positive for the coronavirus, and another 737,191 have tried negative.

The statewide loss of life expanded by two on Monday, bringing the quantity of passings since testing started to 846.

The loss of life speaks to 2% of known cases, a rate that held consistent since Saturday. On Friday, that rate was 2.1%. That is to a limited extent the aftereffect of a developing number of more youthful grown-ups being tainted, who are less inclined to endure extreme impacts of the coronavirus and require hospitalization yet might be asymptomatic transporters of the infection.

22 more COVID-19 patients were hospitalized inside the previous 24 hours. There are currently 368 patients in clinics, with 111 in escalated care units. On Sunday, there were 99 individuals in the ICU for the infection.

Out of the individuals who tried constructive since February, 4,129 individuals required treatment in a medical clinic, or 9.6% of every single affirmed case.

The state says 9,037 patients’ cases are as yet dynamic, which means they haven’t been cleared from disengagement. That is 21%, a slight increment from Sunday’s level of 20.9%. That rate is up from 18% on July 8.

In the mean time, another 33,130 individuals are viewed as recuperated, which is an aggregate of 77% of every single affirmed case.


Wisconsin as of now has 83 open and private labs with a limit of finishing 24,162 tests for every day.

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