Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Carnival, T-Mobile, Virgin Galactic and more

T-Mobile — The media transmission organization’s stock fell 1% in expanded exchanging after it declared that SoftBank will sell around 198 million portions of T-Mobile worth about $21 billion. The deal speaks to around 65% of SoftBank’s stake in T-Mobile.

Jamboree Cruise — The voyage administrator’s stock dropped 1% after the market shut. Fair tweeted Monday that it is dropping all travels through Sep. 30, going past the suspension settled upon by other significant organizations. The Cruise Lines International Association reported Friday that voyage administrators, including Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises, have deliberately expanded their suspension of travels out of U.S. ports through Sep. 15. Norwegian and Royal Caribbean saw their stocks make minimal moves after the end ringer.

Virgin Galactic — The space travel organization’s stock whipsawed after the end chime. Virgin Galactic’s stock flooded before on Monday after the organization reported that it had marked a “Space Act Agreement” with NASA permitting it to prepare the office’s space explorers for outings to the International Space Station. “We are eager to join forces with NASA on this private orbital spaceflight program, which won’t just permit us to utilize our spaceflight stage, yet additionally offer our space preparing foundation to NASA and different offices,” said Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides in an announcement.

Spotify — Shares of the sound gushing stage rose about 1% in broadened exchanging after Comcast reported that Spotify will be accessible on its Xfinity link administration, permitting clients to stream music and digital recordings straightforwardly onto their TVs.

Nikola — The electric vehicle maker’s stock fell 1% in expanded exchanging. JPMorgan anticipated on Monday that supply of the organization will lose just about 33% of its worth. The venture bank started Nikola as nonpartisan and said its stock as of now looks completely esteemed. Portions of Nikola hit another 52-week high during exchanging Monday.

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