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Summer GDQ’s week of online-only speedruns start this weekend

The love seat might be gone and the group securely disconnected at home, however that won’t prevent those annoying speedrunners from by and by marathoning an entire lotta rapid videogames. The current year’s altogether online release of Summer Games Done Quick races off this end of the week, starting seven days of good cause speedrunning tomorrow on the side of Doctors Without Borders.

Like everything else this year, on location plans during the current year’s Summer GDQ were deferred, and afterward rejected for taking the occasion entirely on the web, similar to the coincidental Corona Relief Done Quick kept down in April.

The current year’s occasion is, justifiably, somewhat downsized from previously. A glance at the authority SGDQ plan uncovers essentially less races, and a couple of remarkable games are missing through and through (where are you, Titanfall 2?). That doesn’t mean there aren’t sufficient large races to get at the current year’s show, including Half-Life: Alyx’ GDQ debut as a little something extra game on Friday. There’s likewise a real Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II run on Thursday – yet at that point, what’s the point in case you’re not sneaking it inside a completely discrete Half-Life speedrun?.

Then again, the current year’s occasion accounts for a decent measure of shorter, specialty titles like despairing Pac-Man-the same Eat Girl and geocities web experience Hypnospace Outlaw – a game I battle to try and conceptualize being speedrun. As in the past, all subsidizes raised at the current year’s occasions will go towards Doctors Without Borders. A year ago’s show raised a strong $3 million, setting a high bar to beat this time ’round.

Summer Games Done Quick commences with a run of Demon’s Souls at 5pm BST tomorrow around lunchtime, and goes through until the early morning times on Sunday, August 23rd. You can get the all the runs over on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel. Up to that point, why not get yourself in the disposition for certain runs with our best pieces from January’s Awesome Games Done Quick?

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