Apple announced last week an all-new generation of Apple Watch “Series 5” with an always-on display, built-in compass, and new case finishes. Despite showing all these new features during the keynote, Apple didn’t mention anything specific about Series 5 achieving better performance than last year’s Series 4, not even on its website.Continue Reading


A week after the jailbreak was shared publicly, Apple released iOS 12.4.1 to close the vulnerability. The jailbreak was released after it was discovered that Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability that was originally fixed in iOS 12.3. The bug in question was first reported to Apple by Google’s Project Zero team.Continue Reading


Apple announces three groundbreaking health studies UPDATE September 10, 2019 In Collaboration with Leading Medical Institutions, Apple to Examine Hearing, Women’s, Mobility and Heart Health The new Research app displaying healthy study enrollment options on iPhone. Three new studies, available on the Research app later this fall, will explore newContinue Reading

Angela Merkel Visits Global

The competition between semiconductor giants is getting ugly, and it could have an unfortunate impact on many of the devices you buy. GlobalFoundries has sued the Taiwanese firm TSMC for allegedly violating 16 patents tied to its chip production business, including ones for semiconductor interconnects and the common FinFET design used inContinue Reading