cientists have discovered how a spike in carbon dioxide over 50 million years ago may have caused global temperatures to soar to their highest levels in 66 million years—something they have dubbed a “scary finding” in relation to climate change today. The climate model of the Early Eocene—which took placeContinue Reading


Nearly half a billion years ago, there was a huge explosion of species development on Earth, causing the biodiversity of animals to increase dramatically — but the true cause of that event has remained a mystery. In a new paper published on Wednesday in Science Advances, scientists show that the event’s onset coincided withContinue Reading


NASA has partnered with Advanced Space of Boulder, Colorado, to develop a cubesat satellite that will launch to the same lunar orbit targeted for the agency’s Gateway outpost.  The satellite, called the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE), is scheduled to launch as early as December 2020Continue Reading


Feeling as though nobody gets you may be linked to persistent thoughts of death.  People who frequently feel alienated, isolated and misunderstood are more likely than others to have thoughts of death and dying swirling around in their minds, new research finds. It’s not yet clear whether these feelings of isolationContinue Reading