The fires burning in the Amazon rainforest are exceedingly hot, according to a new report from NASA. New images released by NASA show areas in Brazil and Bolivia where the surface temperatures exceeded the maximum measurable temperature of the instrument’s sensor — about 220 degrees Fahrenheit — showing the parts that areContinue Reading


Amazing new photographs give rare insight into what goes on underneath Jupiter’s swirling clouds during its storms. The images reveal how the events are disturbing the planet’s colorful bands. For the first time ever, radio wave images made it possible for scientists to look deep into the atmospheric conditions belowContinue Reading


The United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Medium rocket took off for its 29th and final flight from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Thursday. The rocket carried the US Air Force’s second GPS III satellite, built by Lockheed Martin. “Another spectacular launch for United Launch Alliance this morning!” the Kennedy Space CenterContinue Reading