The harmful effects of Sedentary Lifestyle and solution

The harmful effects of Sedentary Lifestyle and solution

Today’s lifestyle is quite different compared to the past while we had to work manually. Spend more time on the move and active in our workplaces. Research shows that more jobs in the contemporary world require less physical energy and use digitalized devices. These means less motion; most people spend long hours on the screen either the TV or monitor. Which is okay since the majority of people work using smart gadgets.  However, it’s recommended for a person to have some physical activities per day. It promotes healthy living and reduces fatigue from the seating. 

Surprisingly sitting, lying down for long hours has a name describing the action.  A sedentary lifestyleis a lifestyle which involves no motion or physical activity. It describes a person who spends more time sitting or lying down but on different activities. They might be reading, watching, socializing playing videos or working.  These kinds of life might feel better as no interruption but a quiet life. However, it’s a ticking time bomb; the expression “an object in motion tends to stay in motion” describes best about the sedentary lifestyle. People living this kind of life happen to be inactive their bodies tend to get used to the sedentary motion.

In actual sense, a human is habitual creatures they can adapt to any behaviour easily than to stop the behaviour.  Once you get used to the sedentary life, it might be hard to participate in intensive activities.  The sedentary life comes with various consequences, either way, you might feel you have it all together, but eventually, it will fall apart. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness, fatigue and many more the list is endless. 

Taking a runner, they form a habit of running and with time they can do it easily. Science shows it takes 17-21 days to form a habit. Exercises also help the body to produce endorphins which affect the brain anyway the release of endorphins cannot be compared to the adherence to taking physical activities.  Sedentary lifestyle people live the opposite of active individual, the habit of sitting or lying down will stick faster, and no efforts are required. The brain will adjust fast, which is hard to revert. 

Sedentary and physical inactivity

Sedentary life is quite different from physical inactive, for a sedentary life, it’s about wakening behaviour. In scientific terms, the energy expenditure less than or equal to 1.5 of metabolic equivalents (METs) in a sitting and lying posture.  Sitting doesn’t qualify an individual to be term as sedentary living, but when frequently done, it becomes a sedentary behaviour.

Dangers/harmful effects of Sedentary lifestyle

  • Mental health

A sedentary lifestyle has a great negative impact on your mental well-being.  Research shows in a study where 10,381 participants living in sedentary life and no physical activity. Most develop mental illness; they are prone to get depression since most of their time is spent in silence and alone. They cannot express if they are going through hard times.  Sedentary people also develop Dementia and anxiety; our brains are attached to body activities. Once the brain is inactive, it reacts and gives a feeling of anxiety; this affects mostly the elderly. However, it can happen to anyone, not just the old folks; it’s recommended one to have a few hours to activeness.  

  • Health risks

Since the body is not active, sedentary people tend to gain weight which comes with different issues attached.  These problems like:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease.
  • Some types of cancer

Weight gain causes the heart to work extra; the heart is a muscle which will wear out if pushed hard.  The body metabolism is reduced if your body is inactive; it cannot control blood sugar levels and regulating the blood pressure. The body cannot break the fat, which comes with obesity.

  • Loss of flexibility

If the body is not flexible, it makes it difficult for the blood to flow in the and circulate the muscles.  It might cause inflammation on the veins and arteries.  Taking an example, the more one sits it affects the hip flexors and lower back. They become tighter, while the abs and glutes start becoming weak.

  • Osteoporosis

The problem is not reported by many, but the body is meant to move and flex. The bones should hold the body weight according to your height. However, a sedentary lifestyle causes the bones to be stiff and become weak since they are immobile; this leads to Osteoporosis.

  • Premature death

The sedentary lifestyle has proven to cause early death; the acts of just sitting makes your body organs inactive. Lack of blood flow means a lack of enough oxygen in the muscles and body tissues. These can cause brain damage or stroke, which can lead to immediate death or paralysis and later death. Sudden deaths are also experienced for people living the sedentary life, no matter the physical activity levels.  These give an impression people should do more exercises, get time from your schedule if you spend sitting at work or working from home.

How to fix a sedentary lifestyle and become more active.

The main cause of sedentary lifestyle is the modern technologies that have taken part in the manual work.  There is less movement more sitting and more brain use, linking the world to health problems and worse of all early deaths/premature deaths. The world has a hazard called the obesity epidemic which can be solved by daily activeness.

  • Go for a walk

The health research shows the benefits of the daily walk; it doesn’t have to take long but a 30 minutes’ walk will curb problems brought by a sedentary life.  People who take walks reduce the risk of Cardiac death by a higher percentage. Walking is simple you can have morning walk when very fresh and keep the body active all day. It helps in blood flow and relaxing the body muscles, which is quite a health for everyone. For working people, they can walk to workplaces instead of taking a ride; you can walk your dog and at the same time have few exercises.  Always get a chance to take a walk, take you, kids, for a walk at the neighbourhood and many more activities.

  • Use the stairs

 Taking the stairs seem quite a challenge, considering their elevators in most building. However, stairs are considered as the most effective physical activity. Stairs help burn more calories than jogging; you can easily maintain good health by walking up and down the stair several time in a day.  The bones and joints will be stronger and avoid different health problems.

Stand up often

Some jobs require you to sit for longer periods, always make a point to stand up at least 20 minutes. Stand and stretch it will help the mind relax, and also increase blood flow, move around the office. Make it a habit after a few hours of work stand and stretch to relax.

Change your working station.

If possible, get working material or desk which can stand, you can use the treadmill desk or fitness ball. It a combination of work and fitness, giving you a healthy life.  You can also work on your computer while standing for a while. Adjust the desk to considerable height and work will you keep fit.

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