Russian cosmonauts

They have already put a bucket: Russian cosmonauts admitted that they will drink water from urine

Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS), where they set out go one year from now tom cruiseare going to drink water acquired from pee preparing.

This was reported by cosmonaut Ivan Wagner on his Twitter. TVC.

“We are directing a fascinating analysis intended to test the innovation of preparing pee into water.”, Wagner composed. He included that the reused water will be smashed at night.

As indicated by Wagner, pee is changed over into water by buildup. The yield is consumable clean water. Another water recuperation framework will be introduced on the ISS in 2021. Presently the space travelers are trying the framework.

Prior it was accounted for that the International Space Station changed its circle because of the danger of an impact with a unidentified article. This was accounted for at the Mission Control Center.

Pee preparing will lessen the volume of water gracefully to the station via payload ships from Earth. The American section of the station likewise has a pee to-water framework.

As you most likely are aware, the innovation of preparing pee into water has existed for quite a while. As per researchers from the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the formation of shut life emotionally supportive networks for the group was nearly the primary condition for long haul space stations. The explanation is that you can’t fly far with water and oxygen. Before “Salyut-4” they took everything with them. It was distinctly in 1975 that cosmonauts Georgy Grechko and Alexei Gubarev previously tasted a “drink” in circle, produced using vapor and messy water.

The Russian recovery framework is at present being tried as a feature of the Separation analyze. In the case of everything goes easily, at that point later on it won’t be important to convey huge volumes of water to the station. This will spare space in the Progress freight ships.

Prior, “Realities” composed that the American designer Elon Musk left the Russians for all intents and purposes without cash, since gratitude to the endeavors of his SpaceX organization, NASA would not accepting a seat on the Russian “Soyuz”.

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