What to expect at Apple’s September event – and what not to

There’ll be iPhones, of course, but Apple has a lot more to offer that it could choose to reveal. Based only on the most solid information from the supply chain, here’s what we can —and can’t —expect to see at this September’s Apple event.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: there will be new iPhones from Apple in September. That is so firmly fixed in the calendar that you can bet Apple schedules everything, from events to production lines, around making that date. And around making sure nothing else gets in the way of maximum exposure and attention on the new iPhone models.

It’s never a case of what’s ready to be unveiled. It is always about getting the greatest number of people to be the greatest degree of interested they can be, and then translating that into sales.

Which means Apple is always juggling what to say when. It’s become the norm, for instance, to have a separate iPad event because that detracts attention from the phones. And it’s been the norm to include the Apple Watch with the phones, because that was leveraging the phone to promote the new wearable.

Equally, the company is unlikely to get gigantic attention for an event that solely uncovered, say, a sixth generation of the Apple TV hardware. So while there are rumors of every Apple device under the sun getting an update, you can be certain that most of them will not.

Based on supply chain information, availability of updated processors, and a little historical perspective, here’s what’s definitely coming.

New “iPhone Pro,” or “iPhone 11”

There will be new iPhones and there will be three of them. The most recent rumors, with reasonably solid sources in the supply chain, say that they will indeed be called the “iPhone 11” range.

The equivalent of the current base model, the iPhone XR, is expected to be called the “iPhone 11.” The updated iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are expected to be called the “iPhone 11 Pro” and “iPhone 11 Pro Max.” We’ve said before that ‘Pro’ is just a name, but we’ve also said before that it’ll be expensive.

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