What Zelda Should Nintendo Remake Next?

Link’s Awakening now out in the world and on Switches everywhere, it got us to thinking: what other Zelda game deserves a remake (or, at the very least, a remaster)?

From the original Legend of Zelda to the more obscure 2D side-scrollers, here are our picks for which of Link’s adventures should be next on Nintendo’s to-(re)do list.

The Legend of Zelda

Sure, we’ve got the original Zelda adventure on NES Classic and Switch Online. It’s readily accessible, 35 years later (which rocks!). And yes, some people might find a remake of this classic blasphemous. But I’m willing to give Nintendo a shot here. Link’s Awakening, after all, is gorgeous while being incredibly reverential to the Game Boy source material. Let’s see Nintendo come up with a new art style with which to visually refresh the Zelda that started it all. I’d be eager to see what Nintendo’s talented artists come up with

The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Zelda II was way too hard for little kid me, but playing it again on the Collector’s Edition bonus disk that came with Wind Waker, I really fell in love with the RPG elements added in. A sucker for a good grind, I liked mowing down every enemy I came across in the hopes of getting that sweet, sweet “P-Bag”! The Adventure of Link is perfectly prepped for a from-scratch re-make, as Breath of the Wild already made huge strides in adding more modern RPG elements to the Zelda formula. I’d love to see this tale of slumbering OG princesses, giant Thunderbirds, and Ganon’s blood-soaked ash in the “The Last Hero” timeline be told in a more gothic, Castlevania-esque art style. I’d even be fine with a 2D perspective at times since Neir Automata showed how seamlessly that can be done. Hopefully, this will become a reality before 2030. In the meantime, I’ll take an “I am error” reference in the BotW sequel.

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